Monday, March 23, 2009


I had a great birthday! Pete made be breakfast in bed to start the day off, it was so nice. The day was so warm so I chilled outside in the nice weather. Pete got home from work and he gave me his gifts! I got lots of good stuff!

Saturday we went to the temple with Pete's parents and Meredith. It's always a great day when you go to the temple. We went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory on the way home and it was so good! Thanks for the great day guys!
I had a very good Birthday, thanks for all those who called and all the great cards, money, and gifts!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick of being Sick!

It seems like everyone has been getting sick lately and I am so tired of it. I seem to catch everything lately. I feel like I have been sick these past couple of months. Pete just got over a cold and now I caught a fever and a really bad sore throat.

This is all I feel like doing! I hope I get over this soon and I hope nobody else gets it! I've been slacking on my posts but we haven't done anything too exciting lately, just being sick it seems like.