Friday, April 13, 2012

Devri's day

Here she is! Our baby Devri girl was blessed on Easter sunday. April 8th, 2012.  She looked so pretty and perfect in her dress. (Thanks to my grandma Labrum for helping me with her dress, it turned out exactly how I imagined it.) Pete gave her such a good blessing. We are so blessed to have a dad/husband that holds the priesthood.

 She even gave us a smile
 Our family of four
They are such great grandparents!
love Aunt Mimi
My side of the fam, minus my dad. (He had Bishopric duties)
It was such a great day and everything was perfect! Devri is such a blessing to our family!


We had a great Easter this year. Nanny, Boppa, and Mere came to spend Easter with us and celebrate Devri girl's blessing day.

 On Saturday, Vernal City held an easter egg hunt at the baseball fields.
 Getting ready to find some eggs
 showing off their eggs

 My aunt Sonya's family does a night easter egg hunt every year and invited Remi and Brea to participate. The kids have flashlight and have to find all the candy and eggs in the dark with their lights. It is so much fun! Brea was pretty eggcited!
 They also did an egg hunt for the kids age 13-21. Mere got to do it and she made me go with her. We found a ring for Mere!

Brea on Easter morning with some fun sand toys that the easter bunny brought her

The easter bunny also left some eggs in the backyard for Brea to find
Showing Nanny what was inside her eggs
Another egg hunt at great grandma Labrum's house
Showing uncle Steve what she found.
We are so blessed to have such great families. I am so grateful for the savior and the sacrifice he made for us. I'm so thankful that we will be a family forever. Thanks to all of our family for making this Easter such a great one!