Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st Day of School!

Monday was Pete's first day of school at MJC. He drove his car to school the first day and decided that he wouldn't do that again. The school was a mad house and parking was a no go. Pete parked like 6 or 7 blocks away from the school and was almost late for class because he had to walk so far. He now drives his scooter and gets front row parking!

School is hard work but worth it! Keep up the good work Pete. Love ya

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The House!!!!!

We know that all of you have been wanting to see pictures of our house. we have been working hard. Painting, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, you all know how long that takes. We live in a great neighborhood, and we have a great landlord, well he is alright!!! We are so excited to be married and love it so far.

We had about 5 or 6 days without a refrigerator, and boy that was horrible. We were eating out, and drinking water without ice, and loving every minute of it. We got into modesto on a saturday, after a long drive and we just wanted to rest. we ended up unpacking the whole trailer, and setting up the whole kitchen, thanks to Mom, mere, and Kati. I was exhausted!! I just wanted to jump in the hot shower to get cleaned up. But.......... We didn't know that the PG&E had turned off our water heater. We called and got an appointment for Monday. So without hot water, or a shower curtain, Kati and I took 20 second cold showers!
Kati and I painted the shutters (that were the same color as the house) black. I built flower boxes so that we can plant some flowers in front of our house. We are excited to plant flowers in the boxes. We are so blessed to have Aunt Mimi!!! Our whole living room came from her. Our 2 couches, TV stand, Coffee table all came from her. We also raided Granny and Grandpa's attic to get some more furniture. a couple of coats of paint later, and we have some nice stuff!! We hope you all can come visit the Modesto Morphys!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day One....

Well, This is where it all started. On July, 12 2008 in Vernal, Utah! A new Morphy family is in town. Our life together was official at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. Our day was full of many pictures, lots of family, yummy food, decorating, and 2 mothers stressing over everything! After the marriage the friends and family of the bride and groom went and took lots of pictures!

At 12:00 everyone sat down for an amazing luncheon that took place in the Stockman's restaurant. The food was divine, as everyone got to create their own pasta dish from start to finish. Topping off the meal was delicious cheesecake in many different flavors. After some wonderful toasts and speeches, the luncheon came to an end. Following the luncheon was the start of setting up for the reception to be held that night. Flowers, tables, slideshows, pictures, strawberries, drinks, cups, dessert, and so many other things to prepare for that night. We spent most of the night shaking peoples hands and thanking them for coming. The reception turned out to be amazing!

We left for our honeymoon on Monday. We took off from Long Beach on a cruise to Mexico. The first day we stopped in Catalina Island. We went kyaking and got to see so many fish! The next day we stopped in Ensenada. We took a tour down to a huge blow whole! It was awesome. We walked through the town and stopped at many little shops. We bought a hammock, some bags, a plate that was finger painted, and a bunch of other fun things. Our last day was a day at sea, so we spent the day swimming, tanning, eating, watching cool shows, and just enjoying our honeymoon!

On Saturday the 19th we had an open house in the Morphy's back yard. The open house just topped off our wedding experience. It was a great way to end it! Once again we were surrounded by friends and family, nothing gets better than that. The open house was really fun and looked amazing. The red balloons in the pool, the lemonade, the cupcake tower, flowers, sherbet, umbrella's, tables, and the great weather! To end the night, some thought it best to go out with a bang, or splash, so they did! The groom got man handled by Mike and Jordan. He didn't stand a chance of getting away, so into the pool he went! Many others from the party decided to join in! It turned into a late night pool party! So fun!