Wednesday, January 18, 2012

baby news

So I had an appointment yesterday. They did an ultrasound to see if the baby was breech and......she is. My fluid levels were at 5.9 if they get below 5 then that is too low.  Dr. Griffith measured my stomach at 32 so he was worried the baby was really small and not doing well so they put me on the monitor for a while to monitor how baby was doing. She looks fine and healthy. They then took me back in for another ultra sound to measure baby. She was looking like she was around 6.5 lbs. I was hoping to try a vbac but it looks like that won't be happening. I'm ok with another c-section as long as my baby gets here safely and she is healthy. We have a c-section set up for the 6th of February. Dr. Griffith is having me come in twice a week to monitor the baby and my fluid.  So it looks like baby girl #2 will be making her way here on the 6th unless she decides she wants to come earlier! We can't wait!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Almost here!

I can't believe that our 2nd baby girl will be here soon. I've got 4 weeks until my due date! I hope she comes sooner, I'm quite uncomfortable and I don't know how much more my belly can stretch. I do have to say that this pregnancy has gone by much quicker than the first (until these last couple months). I have a Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday along with an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid levels and see if she is breech. Hopefully after Tuesday we'll have a better idea of when this baby girl is coming!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas was GREAT this year!

 Brea wasn't to hip on Santa this year. She loved to look at pictures and loved seeing Santa but not sitting on his lap.
 We got to spend Christmas in California at Nanny and Boppa's house. Brea and Grace loved these little bikes, they rode them pretty much everyday that we were there.
 They also loved the porch swing
 We got to do so many fun things. We went to the train tracks and watched trains go by. After they passed we walked along the tracks.
 Here are the girls Christmas morning going to check out what Santa brought them.
 Santa brought Brea a trike
 Pete got a .22 rifle from Santa
 The girls at Great Grandpa Baker's house
 Brea rode the four wheeler for the first time ever. She thought it was pretty fun.
 Waiting for the four wheeler to come back so she can have another turn.
 Our family going on a ride.
 My girl
 These two thought it was so much fun to run up and down this big dirt pile.
 Playing in the fort at uncle Mel and aunt Kim's house.
 Brea did a lot of jumping on our vacation.
 Roasting marshmellos with Mimi
 Mere's friend Katie was so nice to let us come ride horses. Brea and Grace weren't too sure about riding. They liked to LOOK but not ride.
 Looking at all the horses and dogs at Katie's house
Brea's favorite thing to do was feed the horses. She thought it was the best thing ever!

 Wrestling with Boppa
 Mimi painting nails

 We were able to do so many fun things in California and our Christmas was great! Thanks to Nanny and Boppa Morphy for letting us crash your house for a week and for making our Christmas so great! We enjoyed spending time with the family that we were with and missed those that weren't there.