Monday, January 3, 2011


 I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas. We've been busy partying these past couple weeks. Early in the week before Christmas Vernal got dumped on with snow. Brea hasn't ever really played in it because last winter she was way to little. I dressed her up in this snow suit that was a hand me down from my cousin. I could not stop laughing because she reminded me of ralphie's little brother on the movie A Christmas Story. She couldn't put her arms down and the snow suit was so big, she looked so chubby!

 Here is Pete the first day that it snowed. This was the first time he plowed. I think he plowed 5 more times that day since it snowed ALL day long plus All day long for two more days. So Pete did alot of plowing!
 This is how much snow there was just the first time we plowed.
 Remi and I on Christmas Eve getting ready to eat our yummy dinner.
 Brea and Grandpa on Christmas morning reading some new books!
 Both Remi and Brea got kitchens for Christmas. We left Brea's at home and I didn't get a picture of her with it, just some video.
 This Christmas Brea was more interested in ripping the paper off and playing with all the boxes. I think next year she'll understand more of what is going on.
 The two chickadees all ready to go to our family Christmas party!
 Remi and Brea loved the pinata. Each person is supposed to get one turn but these girls got about four, and each time they had to stop and let someone else go Brea threw a royal fit! I wish I would have gotten more pictures from our Christmas but I was caught up in all the excitement and forgot.

I had to get a picture of this because I wanted a new one so bad and I love this one. It makes doing dishes so much easier. My old faucet was one that is really low and you could hardly get anything underneath it. I'm very happy with my new faucet. 
We had a great Christmas. We are so spoiled and blessed to have all the things we do.