Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 Months

I'm late on this post but Brea is 9 months old as of the 16th. I can not believe it!

Some things about Brea:

She can wave hi and bye really good.
She shakes her head no.
Loves to play with paper.
She is pulling herself up onto the coffee table and couches.
She crawls a little but then lays down on her belly when she can reach what she wants.
She fake coughs when she hears someone else cough,
She also fake laughs when other people laugh.

so behind

I'm so behind on posts. After Bear lake we went to California for a week. We had so much fun we didn't want to leave!
Here is pete in the scuba gear swimming around in the pool
Brea is a total water baby. She must get it from her dad, but she absolutely loves to be in the water.
Grace and Brea playing in the pool
Grandpa Baker brought some peaches for us to eat at pinecrest
Pete grilled the peaches on the bbq and we ate them with ice cream! MMmm..MMmm...good!
Grandpa on the porch drinking his diet pepsi
Little miss and I on a boat ride
Cam and Grace on the beach hangin out
Nanny and B
Bobba playing with miss B
Brea sitting on the beach finding sticks, rocks, sand, and lots of other things to eat.
We had a fun vacation but it was too short. Can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bear Lake

Last weekend we went to Bear Lake for a family reunion. It was so much fun. We stayed in a really big house with 59 people. We would have had more people but the Beaman family wasn't able to come. We played at the beach, on the boat, went on bike rides, took a tour of the cave, went on walks, took pictures, visited, ate, ate, and ate!

Brea had so much fun playing in the mud with dad. She couldn't stop laughing and smiling.
We also bought her this float tube hoping that she would like it. She loved it! We put her in the water where her feet could touch the bottom and she walked around screaming and laughing.
Here's the two little munchkins in their life jackets just hangin out
In the mud again
A bunch of the cousins thought it would be fun to bury cousin preston in the mud.
Waiting for our turn to go into the cave
Getting a drink of water
Inside part of the cave
The cave was huge. It was really cool. Brea seemed to like it when she was awake. She fell asleep through part of the tour.

The fam after our cave tour. (Ha ha if your wondering Remi is ok she just fell asleep with her head like that)
We had lots of fun. We've never been to Bear Lake before so it was a new and fun experience. We would like to go back sometime.