Tuesday, January 15, 2013

11 months

I'm so late on this post but as of January 6th Devri is 11 months old. I just don't understand how they grow up so fast! Some things about Devri at 11 months:
She still loves to eat and will eat pretty much anything. She drinks four 4 oz bottle a day. I've given her a little bit of whole milk and she loves it. She has 2 top teeth, 3 bottom teeth, and one more coming up on the bottom. Waves hi and bye, claps, says mama, dada, baba (baby), be be (brea). She does a cheeese smile when you say cheese. She is walking around with the furniture but she won't walk on her own yet. She wants to do everything her sister is doing. She love love loves the bath and throws a fit when we take her out. She is tons of fun!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


This Christmas was great! We had a white Christmas in vernal. My whole family was able to be here and spend it together. We all got very spoiled. We are so blessed!

 playing in the snow!

 Our girlies
 Christmas Eve bubble bath
 Brea was the star in the nativity play and Remi was Mary
 Christmas Eve and ready for bed
 Christmas morning!

After Christmas we went with my family to Bear Lake and stayed in these condos. It started out to be a great trip....then the second day we were there Brea got sick and was throwing up, then Devri was throwing up, then the third day Pete woke up, ate breakfast, and then we were just laying around and all the sudden he was in extreme pain and started vomiting. He was in so much pain so we drove him to the hospital 45 minutes away. Long story short he had kidney stones. We left and that same day we got home I started throwing up. So from this trip everyone except Kurt and my dad got sick.  Not the funnest trip but we'll always remember it.