Monday, October 17, 2011

2 year old!

We have a 2 year old! I can't believe it. Brea's birthday was yesterday (the 16th). We celebrated her birthday along with all the other October birthday's in our family (Pete's, Brea's, Grandpa's, Kayson's, and Adam's). We had lots of good food and TOO much yummy dessert!
 Sonya, Boston, Mom, and I made these caramel apples.
 Brea with her ice cream birthday cake I made her. She just wanted the oreo cookies on top!
 Blowing out the candles
 Opening presents. This is a cash register that she got from us.
 Grace came to visit us a couple weeks ago and she had a Dora pillow case. Brea loved it so I made her one.
 Brea got lots of books!
 Pete got some money and presents even though his birthday isn't until Friday. He has to wait until Friday to get his present from me!
Another dutch oven!
Happy Birthday Brea girl! We are so grateful to have you in our family and we love you so so much. Thanks to everyone for making Brea's birthday so special. She loves all the gifts she received and loves all of you very much!