Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinecrest and Denair

 We were so lucky we got to spend some time up at Pinecrest and in Denair. We were also lucky that we got to see Emmy, Dane, and Baker! Brea loved Pinecrest this year! Here is the gang going on a ride in Boppa's truck.
 I think sweet Dane is trying to give this flower to Brea
 On the ski lift. Brea thought it was a swing, she kept saying weeee!
 Just exploring
 Pete used this torch to start the fire. He thought he was pretty neat!
 Aunt MIMI!
 making smores
 Brea had so much fun in Denair too. She loved the doggies!
 Yummy... ice cream!
 playing at the park
 Feeding the geese. These things were mean. They kept hissing at us.
 I am still amazed at how crazy these ducks and fish were. Mere bought a box of cheerios and we were throwing them in the water. The fish were huge and would try to get some cereal and the ducks would like attack them. It was insane!
Dad and Brea watching the ducks. 
We always have so much fun when we go to California! Thanks so much Mom and Dad Morphy!