Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Months

Brea girl is 10 months old!

Where does the time go?! Some things about Brea at 10 months:
She crawls and gets into everything
She stands up on the furniture and walks around
She knows how to clap, show us where her head, toy dog, and toy ball are at. She shows us where the birds are and our pet fish. She knows how to signal touchdown.
She loves being outside
She loves the neighbors dogs
We just barely moved the mattress on her crib down because we found her standing up
She is full of personality and she has a big smile that shows her only two bottom teeth.
Brea we love you and love the stage that your in....please stop growing so fast!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fair and Carnival fun

The fair was a couple of weekends ago. We took Brea to see some animals, we watched a food eating contest, ate some greasy fair food, and tried out some of the carnival rides.
funnel cake
MMmm...a corndog from the fair. The food tasted soooo good but it must have been too greasy for my stomach because I couldn't keep it down.
Brea and I on the merry go round. She stared at the horses going up and down the whole time. This is the only picture that we got of her looking at the camera.
We had lots of fun looking at all there was at the fair and letting Brea try new things!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mimi's Visit

I've been horrible lately about blogging. We get busy, I take pictures, but I slack on my blogging. Anyways, Mere came to visit over the 24th of July weekend. I don't know about mere, but we had tons of fun and LOVED having her here.

Mere and I watching the parade
brother and sister!
Brea watching the parade with Great Grandma Labrum
Took Mere to see the famous pink dinosaur
Mimi and B. Covered head to toe in sunscreen ready to go to the lake.

Mere's with all her gear on ready to try out the wakeboard
Some tubing action(My favorite)
Sorry Mere's if you got hurt. We caught some major air though. Mimi, we loved having you here and can't wait for you to come out here next time which better be soon!