Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Holidays are so much fun with kids. We had a great easter. My sister Jessie and her family came to Vernal so the girls had fun playing with their cousins. We went to an easter egg hunt at the park in the morning, then we had one at great grandma and grandpa Labrum's house, and then later that night we had one at my parents house. The girls had so much candy...yuck! The easter bunny also made it to our house on sunday and the girls got to have another egg hunt!
 waiting for the egg hunt to start!

 coloring eggs

 the egg hunting crew

the easter bunny came
I love easter time and I am so thankful for my little family.  Easter is a time to celebrate and remember our savior. I am thankful for my savior and his sacrifice for me so that I can repent and live with my family and my heavenly father again. I am so blessed!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Childrens Museum

We had a free weekend and needed to get out to visit the Gassers. We had never been to the childrens museum at the Gateway so we decided to take the kids. It was a hit!
 We also went to Scheels and rode the ferris wheel
 The water station was their favorite!
 Hurricane simulator

 We also went to the Clark Planetarium which was pretty cool

Thanks for the fun weekend Gassers!


We scored free tickets to the circus so of course we went! The girls were glued to the show. We had lots of fun!
 The tigers were my favorite!
 trapeze girl
 Cotton candy
 This was Brea and Devri's favorite...the dogs!
 And a snow cone
 hula hoop girls
more trapeze
We had lots of fun, definitely want to go again!

Devri is 2!

Our sweet and spunky Devri is 2! I can't believe it, when did she get so big! I think she had a pretty great birthday if you ask me. Lots of cake, presents, and family makes for a good birthday.

She loves the movie dispicable me. Pete wanted to make a cake too so I made a minion and he made one.  We are so blessed to have Devri in our family. She is at such a fun stage. She is talking a lot. Her and Brea now share a room and they sleep in bunkbeds which they love! She loves her binkies so this is going to be a challenge to take those away. Potty training is up next on the list (help me). We love you Miss Dev!

California Love!

My posts are a little out of order but we went home to Denair a week before Christmas to spend some time with Nanny and Boppa. We had so much fun and the weather was incredible. The girls lived outside the whole time we were there!
 We spent a day in San Francisco with Sam and Carols family and also Mimi and Bill. We were sad Liz and Charlie couldn't make it.

 We had lunch and the Cheesecake Factory. Mimi and Bill brought the girls these cute stuffed animals from a little shop in New York.

 Our lunch group
 Cute Stella girl
 In front of a giant gingerbread house!
 We made our own graham cracker houses

 Workin hard

 Out to lunch at BJ's

 We drew with lots and lots of chalk

 Brea begged to go swimming! Nanny dressed her all up

 This is as far as she got in....freeezing!
 Cheeto faces!
 Pruning and adding to the burn pile

Riding bikes
Eating popcicles
Brea had to sleep with different toys and animals every night
Helping Nanny clean
 Ready for church
 Lovin on Buzz
The burn pile!
We love Nanny and Boppa's house and always can't wait for our next trip! Thanks for everything Nanny and Boppa!