Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fantasy Canyon

We live 45 minutes away from Fantasy Canyon and have never been. This past saturday we decided to head there and check it out. We invited my parents to come. They had never been either.

There is a map that shows certain things to look for in the rocks. Do you see the witch??

This place was so cool! I can't believe we had never been! So glad we went!


Pete had a deer tag for the general deer hunt in october. He went out on the first saturday when the hunt started and he got a four point! 
 The girls weren't so sure about it, but now we have jerky haha!
The hunters :) Good job guys!


This Halloween was great! The girls looked cute as ever and I even decided to dress up!
 Trick or Treating at great grandma and grandpa's house
 lady bug and butterfly
 We went to my parents wards trunk or treat

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We did!