Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Weather Days

Since the weather here is so random we can't really plan our days ahead of time. We had a "good weather day" and Pete has been dying to go fishing. We went and got the boat and headed to the lake. We caught 12 fish. It was fun and we are excited to go again.

Brea didn't know what to think of the fish but she seemed to enjoy the boat ride.
I had to add this picture in because I love it. We went to the grocery store last night and came home with some strawberries. We decided to let Brea try one and she absolutely loved it! She didn't take that thing away from her mouth for 10 minutes straight and when we tried to take it away from her she threw a fit.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 Months

Brea is 7 months old! Holy Smokes!

Some things about Brea at 7 months:
She just cut her first tooth yesterday (her bottom right tooth and the left one will probably come shortly)
She loves this walker that we got for 5 bucks!
She has started taking a bottle once in a while (yeah for mom!)
Her favorite toys right now are balls
Her hair is getting longer and darker
She has such a cute personality!
Love, Love, Love miss B!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's Day

My first Mother's Day was great! The day started out great with cinnamon rolls made by Pete!
After church we went over to my Granparent's house and had a BBQ.

These are just some pictures I had my sister take of our family. We haven't had any taken of us since Christmas.
Me and my sweet Brea girl
I had a great mother's day. I am so blessed to be Brea's mom and Pete's wife. There is no better job in the world than being a mom. I hope all you mother's out there had a great day too, you deserve it!